Thursday, 20 April 2017

Prepare this mixture right now and your wrinkles, blemishes, stretch marks and burns will magically disappear!

Wrinkles, blemishes on skin, stretch marks are common problem these days especially with women. Many beauty products are available in the market to cure these skin issues, the problem is that these are expensive and sometime don’t work too. So why not try the natural ways to heal these type of skin issues which are less expensive and not harmful for your skin.

So, today I am showing you the amazing mixture which will cure your all types of marks on your skin. The preparation of this mixture is very easy to make at your home. It is 100% natural and will remove your stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes and minor burn marks.
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Here is the amazing recipe for your all skin issues

You just need

1. Aloe vera gel (its gel only, not juice) - 113grams

2. Organic coconut oil (solid form) - 113grams

3. Lavender or Vanilla Essential oil - 3 or 4 drops


1. Mix the coconut oil and aloe vera gel in a clean bowl.

2. Gently stir this mixture about 4 to 5 minutes until you get a bright and consistent form.

3. Now add 3 to 4 drops of lavender or vanilla essential oil in this mixture and mix slightly.

4. Store this mixture in small glass jar with tight cap.

5. Keep this mixture at room temperature.

How to apply

1. Apply this mixture on your skin after the shower.

2. Regular use of this mixture gives you desired result soon.

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