Thursday, 27 April 2017

WOMEN must read! Don’t do THIS when you have PERIOD, it might be DEADLY-ALL

Every woman has monthly period, for some woman these days goes easily, but for many women they feel pain and discomfort in their body. Here I am telling you some points which you must avoid during your mensuration.
how to avoid pain during periods mensuration
Avoid Sex (Intercourse)
Avoid intercourse is best option during a period, you will be safe from any infections.

Never Skip Meals
You lost a lot of blood during periods, so food is necessary in this time to make you feel energetic.

Stay Away From Physical Work
Many women have back or stomach pain during periods, so they must avoid physical or heavy work because it will worsen your pain.

Avoid Fast Foods
Don’t eat fast food and unhealthy oily foods during these days.

This option is hard for those women who are working at job. But they must find some way when they can rest little time during these days. Rest is good option to avoid discomfort and pain.

Stay-Up All Night
Sleep early will help you to feel better.

Additional Tips
  • Avoid drinking the ice water, more best you drink normal water to avoid menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall.
  • Try to avoid drinking soda water.
  • Don’t eat cucumbers these days, it may lead chance to stay liquid in the uterus walls.

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